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Better SME lending.
Higher yield.
More knowledge.

Our unique competencies in the field of fintech products, mathematical banking consulting and database analytics will certainly help you if you are a banker or an entrepreneur who is looking for ways to increase the efficiency of his business. We are always happy to share our unique knowledge and many years of experience, delivering solutions to problems of any complexity and results that exceed your expectations.



ROI per project
for clients


NPL on unsecured
SME loans


years on the market


in Europe and the CIS


It is quite hard to evaluate small and medium-sized enterprises, but we know how

Ecolo - SME credit risks valuation.
The world's only IT product for banks with credit risks valuation of small and medium-sized enterprises technology based not on financial reports, but natural business metrics

$250 mln 

loans issued
based on Ecolo


Increase banking products profitability with no harm to internal processes

YMIX — retail banking profitability acceleration.
Consulting on mathematical and logical reengineering of calculations used in retail banking products and search for possible operational leaks so that any bank can earn a little more from each transaction.


$830 mln 

additional income
for our customers 


Convenient lending platform for SME businesses in 2024

We are developing new service for SME lending: fast, convenient and on comfortable terms for the borrower. An individual approach to the different type of activities analysis ensures the valuation accuracy - the key to favorable rates and lending efficiency.

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Individual small enterprises consulting in the shortest time possible

Mycie — SME self-analysis system.
Online tool for automatic individual consulting of small and medium-sized enterprises through comparing with the best players in the sector and possible business plans providing.

40 000

active companies
in the product base

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Evatech is an independent company with Armenian roots and a global presence

Since 2006, we have been working in FinTech for banks and small companies, devoting the first 6 years of activity exclusively to market analysis, product development and team training in unique competencies to delight our clients with excellent results through one-of-a-kind solutions.

Our clients
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Leave a request and we will find an efficient solution for your business

Fill the application and our specialists will contact you, answer all your questions and demonstrate the operation of the product that suits your business

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