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Our clients

We love our clients and try to make them happy. We have proven over time that we are able to exceed our customers’ expectations. Most of all, we like to see our partners' eyes shine when we show them the results of our work

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Work with us
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Alexey Lola — Member of the Board, Director of Retail Business, 2021

«… the guys have prepared a lot of ideas ... to extract hidden income from both existing and newly formed portfolios for amounts significantly higher than we expected according to preliminary calculations…»

Vladimir Shatalov- Senior Vice President, 2021

"... one should note the easy and fast integration of the company’s product: the system works through a very convenient web interface for both bank employees and potential borrowers. We managed to put the system into operation within one week..."


"... satisfaction from cooperation is caused by a low level of payment delays in the portfolio formed on the basis of Ecolo system valuation... despite the pandemic, we have isolated cases of defaults..."


Rostislav Yanykin— Deputy Chairman of the Board, 2021

"... our Bank highly appreciates the quality and accuracy of Evatech's non-standard approach to valuation of SME credit risks based on non-financial indicators of enterprises. During the cooperation, thanks to the company's technological solution, we managed to reduce the time for making a decision on loan issuing from 7 days to 8 hours..."

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Oleg Bachurin— Chairman of the Board, 2021


Nikita Gulyaev — Financial Director, 2017

"... the project gave us a "fresh look" at the Bank's products. Brought an important educational effect for the staff and increased the profitability of banking operations..."

"... Evatech has established itself as a reliable and decent business partner who fulfills obligations in time within business agreements. The employees and management of the company have extensive professional experience in the field of risk assessment of small and medium-sized businesses and consulting to identify income leaks of banks ..."


Stepan Chitipakhovyan — Chairman of the Board, 2019

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Antonio Fallico— Chairman of the Board of Directors, 2016

"... we managed not only to reduce the probability of overdue debts by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, but also to start working with new customer segments that were not previously in the focus of the bank's attention..."


Denis Repnikov— Chairman of the Board, 2016

"... as a result of using Evatech's methods, we managed to maintain a low level of overdue debt on the loan portfolio, improve the processes efficiency of and the decisions quality..."

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