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A complex IT product that has been developed for 7 years by our multinational team of mathematicians, statisticians and programmers, together with business communities from different countries. ECOLO directed for promotion
efficiency of SME lending, 
multiply speeding up the decision-making process on issuance and improving the quality of the loan portfolio. We are confident that with ECOLO we are creating the future of unsecured small business lending, and our main inspiration and philosophy is effective transparency.



backtesting checks accuracy

Small and medium-sized enterprises solvency valuation system

The main feature of Ecolo is a unique approach to the analysis of the bank's client, that is based on both financial indicators and structural data of the enterprise applying for the loan

Such data is collected by filling forms that cover 794 types of SME activities in the trade, services and manufacturing sectors. The selection of a suitable form for each client is carried out automatically in accordance with the activity type, and when filling the form, the system determines the cluster (micro-segment) by identifying the similarity of enterprises business structures from the same sector and their grouping by specialization. The territorial factor is also taken into account, as well as various economic situations in a particular territorial unit (city, village, locality, etc.)


specialization clusters

5 250 000+
companies in the international database

430 740
specific regional coefficients


economic activity types


payments delay with Ecolo valuation system

180 profiles

60 pcs


average time to complete the questionnaire

27 minutes

50 pcs


average time to complete the questionnaire

38 minutes

70 pcs


average time to complete the questionnaire

22 minutes


Valuation core operating system

It is a regression model based on a large array of collected structural data taken as a variable X, on one hand, and the calculated estimated profit and income (Y), on the other

The entire valuation process is assisted by internal and external verification aimed at defying the quality of data provided by the potential borrower.

Normality demonstrates the consistency of the data filled in the form.

Coherence is the correspondence of the entered data to the segment and territorial cluster of the company.

Ecolo Table p4.png

The final system report is the result of internal and external verifications, the most likely company income corresponding to its structure, and, of course, the estimated profit of the valuated borrower

image 86.png

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