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This one-of-a-kind product of individual small business consulting, developed by the Russian EvaBeta team, helps both experienced entrepreneurs and beginners

Who can it be useful for?
Experienced and advanced entrepreneurs who want to identify problems and find growth points in their business structure, as well as anyone who has long dreamed of starting their own business or doing something new, but does not know where to start
How can Mycie products help?
Compare your company with the best players in your segment and region on a wide range of indicators, get individual recommendations from our experts, make a realistic business plan, increase profits, become more efficient and successful
How it works?
You choose the region and business format, fill in the necessary data and get the result of the analysis
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Laptop Screen Cafe
SME research
15 years
types of activities
5 mln
companies in the database
Mycie analysis example
Business card example
Service already implemented
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